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At Doctor Vista, we strive to offer ethical and trustworthy online doctor consultation services at affordable price. We give complete privilege to our customers to choose physician and have real-time interaction with them either via webcam or via mail for getting expert opinion. So, whether you need a second opinion, pre medical consultancy or want to discuss a embarrassing situation with them, our ask the doctor online services will assist you round the clock.

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More countries adding graphic warnings to smokes

News: Fri, Jun 27’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
Indonesia became the newest country to mandate graphic photo warnings on cigarette packs on Tuesday, joining more than 40 other nations or territories that have adopted similar regulations in recent years. The warnings, which showcase gruesome close-up images ranging from rotting teeth and cancerous lungs to open tracheotomy holes and corpses, are an effort to highlight the risks of health problems related to smoking. Research suggests these images have prompted people to quit, but the World Health Organization estimates nearly 6 million people continue to die globally each year from smoking-related causes. The tobacco industry has …ade body that smoking is “the most serious pandemic confronting humanity.” Philip Morris International sued Uruguay over the law; the case is still pending.
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Do autistic struggle with driving?

News: Fri, Jun 27’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
In the first pilot study asking adults on the autism spectrum about their experiences with driving, researchers at Drexel University found signi… Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Astronaut health check with single drop of blood

News: Fri, Jun 27’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
ESA is building a prototype tester for crews on the International Space Station to provide diagnoses within a few minutes from a pinprick of blo… submit proposals at any time.  

Our hospitals have a very real saline problem

News: Tue, Jun 24’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
The reasons for the shortage appear to be numerous, one being that the simple solution, used to mix meds, clean wounds, and hydrate, is actually…n those contracts expire, notes NPR.

Study finds genetic links between schizophrenia and cannabis use

News: Tue, Jun 24’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
The results chime with previous studies linking schizophrenia and cannabis, but suggest the association may be due to common genes and might not…nomic and health impact of cannabis.

Midwives 'crucial for saving lives of expectant mothers and their newborns'

News: Tue, Jun 24’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
According to the research team involved in the studies - made up of an international group of clinicians, academics, professional midwives and a…r from recognized on a global scale.
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26th Annual National Forum on Quality Improvement in Health Care
Published: Thu, Jun 26’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
Start Time: Sun, Dec 07’ 2014 - 09:00 AM
Venue: Orlando, Florida, USA
Organizer: Institute for Healthcare Improvement
16th Annual International Summit on Improving Patient Care in the Office Practice and the Community
Published: Thu, Jun 26’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
Start Time: Sun, Mar 15’ 2015 - 09:00 AM
Venue: Dallas, TX, USA
Organizer: Institute for Healthcare Improvement, USA
WFSICCM 2015 Congress Seoul
Published: Fri, Jun 27’ 2014 by Doctor Vista
Start Time: Sat, Aug 29’ 2015 - 09:00 AM
Venue: Seoul, Korea
Organizer: Physician Surgeon Career Network