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Medical Consultation

We provide text based remote medical consultation to patients for non critical illness.

Live Video Chat

Physicians are ready to help you with a wide range of common medical conditions via video chat.

Remote Diagnosis

Experts help patients on assessment of ailments based on medical imaging and diagnostic reports.

Informed Medical Decision

Ask a Doctor - Get second opinion by qualified physicians

About DoctorVista

DoctorVista is a community of professionals having one goal: EXCELLENCE! Excellence in healthcare providing customers with all our focus, building mutual trust, maintaining quality, offering an array of services & consistently improving performance.

We strive to offer ethical and trustworthy online doctor consultation services at affordable price. Here customers choose physician and have real-time interaction via webcam or text conversation. So, whether you need a second opinion, pre medical consultancy or want to discuss a embarrassing situation with them, our "Ask A Doctor" online services will assist you round the clock.

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Our Focus and Strength

We focus on medical second opinion and remote consultation guaranteeing full privacy over a secure communication channel, for the patients who wish to remain anonymous while discussing their problems.

Our Services:

  • Medical Second Opinion
  • Group Medical Opinion
  • Live Video Chat
  • Opinion Verification
  • Radiology Opinion
  • Remote Consultation

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Assignments and Quality Control

Our selection criteria include doctor's educational background, experience and reputation in the area of expertise, our score on customer commitment, patient management skills and level of interest in providing online consultancy.

We also regularly review their performance at predefined intervals and reward the top performers; we may also have to terminate a registration based on poor performance.

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Patients are at the core of DoctorVista. Within DoctorVista, Excellence means maximizing users' satisfaction by ensuring continual quality improvement in our processes and services. Deployment of Operational Excellence enables us to meet the commitments within our Quality Policy.

Our top most priority is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We take regular customer feedback which is partly reflected in the emoluments DoctorVista professionals receive. So We confidently provide money back guarantee if a patient feels that their problem was not properly addressed.

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Opportunities at DoctorVista

Our workforce continues to expand so we are able to nurture our rapidly growing client base. Our world is at the cusp of an information revolution and we'd like to keep DoctorVista at the forefront of it, as pioneers and trend-setters.

If you are interested to provide healthcare and medical services at DoctorVista? Please click registration button below.

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Medical Second Opinion

We host the best medical experts across the world

Sickness is the vengeance of nature for the violation of her laws.
Illness can occur anytime and doctors may be hard to reach. At DoctorVista, live physicians are ready to help you with a wide range of common medical conditions.

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