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DoctorVista is a group of professionals having one goal: EXCELLENCE! Excellence in healthcare providing customers with all our focus, building mutual trust, maintaining quality, offering an array of services & consistently improving performance. DoctorVista team includes top medical professionals, qualified technical staffs and friendly support executives.

We at DoctorVista pride ourselves on our impeccable record of quality. We take a great deal of pride in what we do and our reputation of superior quality and creative innovation has helped us to win the heart of our happy customers. We are dedicated to challenging ourselves to do better everyday and will continue to do so for our wonderful customers.

DoctorVista is an online platform where patients seek a professional doctor's opinion over a secure channel.

We focus on first hand opinion, opinion-verification and anonymous consultancy. The cases where patients have identified some symptoms which they would like to discuss with a professional doctor fall into the category of first hand opinion; under opinion-verification patients may discuss and satisfy their doubts about any help they may have sought elsewhere and are not quite satisfied with. We also provide anonymous consultancy, guaranteeing full privacy over a secure channel, for the patients who wish to remain anonymous while discussing their problems.

Our strengths lie in commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction, stringent selection process we adopt to register our doctors, dedicated and enthusiastic management team.

Selection of doctors is done through a 3-tier process of online registration, background verification and personal meeting with our representatives. Our selection criteria include doctor's educational background, experience and reputation in the area of expertise, our score on customer commitment, patient management skills and level of interest in providing online consultancy.

After successful registration as DoctorVista professional, we closely monitor their performance and part of their emolument is based on their performance score. We also regularly review their performance at predefined intervals and reward the top performers; we may also have to terminate a registration based on poor performance.

Patients are at the core of DoctorVista. Within DoctorVista, Excellence means maximizing users' satisfaction by ensuring continual quality improvement in our processes and services. Deployment of Operational Excellence enables us to meet the commitments within our Quality Policy. Our top most priority is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. We take regular customer feedback which is partly reflected in the emoluments DoctorVista professionals receive. So We confidently provide money back guarantee if a patient feels that their problem was not properly addressed.

How DoctorVista Works

Does your schedule support to spend the amount of time at physician's clinic for everyday healthcare needs? Doctor Vista online health care service is simple and affordable alternative for this. Our state-of-the-art healthcare delivery mechanism is focus on access, value and convenience.

Medical questions helpline at DoctorVista

Are you unable to see doctor due to time constraint? Are you experiencing such kind of health symptoms which you cannot explain? If yes, Doctor Vista can assist you through his expert online medical help available all time and can be accessed from any part of the world. The leading online portal aims at offering reliable medical advice online to worldwide customers at rock bottom prices.

Avail Affordable Medical Help Online

Doctor Vista comprehends the fact that rising healthcare poses a great onus on a common man's pocket. So, to combat with that, we strive to offer safe, reliable, affordable and easily accessible online medical assistance to customers. Some of the salient features of our online healthcare services include:

  • Get response in a day's time
  • Free to choose specialists of your choice
  • Choose the medium for interacting with doctor
  • Conversations are kept strictly confidential
  • Verified and experienced doctors answer medical questions

We boast to highlight the fact that some of the most reputed and experienced doctors are associated with us catering to different fields like dermatology, cardiology, homeopathy, neurology, thyroid, etc. They can be contacted either via email or through live web chat. Whether customers want to ask any medical question in anonymity or want to clear their doubts regarding any medical condition, professionals of Doctor Vista are there to assist them 24*7 in the most sought after manner. Remain assured, complete privacy is offered to customers as all conversation is carried over a secure channel.

By offering diagnosis, treatment and prevention of human illnesses, the online entity strives for providing online medical help of the highest standard to its coveted customers. So, contact us for obtaining medical advice from some of the most reputed medical professionals. We feel delighted to help you!

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