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Full Name:Dr. Sumita Prajapati Nickname:drsumitaprajapati Age:42 yrs. Gender:female Country:IN Language: Specialities:
Experience : Ayurveda is more then 5000 years old Ancient Science of health and Longevity which is coming as it is from the Ancient Time. Dr Sumita Prajapati qualified both in Western & Ayurvedic medicines in Mumbai accrued experience of 12 years extensively in Mumbai, India, with more than 33,000 patients, also worked in the USA, Canada, London and European Countries. In spite of interest in Diabetes her specialties are Arthritis, Women's Health, Fertility, Thyroid conditions, Heart conditions, and High cholesterol, Obesity, Skin Conditions and Hair Loss.
Profile description : â??Dr. Sumitaâ??s Book on Pulse Readingâ?? is one of the best book for Ayurvedic Pulse Reading Siddha Nadi Vaidya (Pulse Reader) Dr. Sumita Prajapati have lectured to thousands of MDâ??s and alternative healing professionals in Europe, India and America. She generously shares her wisdom and personal experience of practicing for the past 15 years. Here Sumita talks about the way their work focuses on the root of countless modern health problems:
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